The Caretakers

European premiere!

CA, 2017, 39 min, English OV
Regie: David Goldberg

07. Oktober

mit Murcamp-Aktivist*innen

In 2014 protestors, ranging from First Nations people to new Canadians, ascended Burnaby Mountain to make a camp on the future route of Kinder Morgans proposed Trans Mountain Pipeline. The corporation wants to use the highly contested pipeline to transport dirty tar sands oil from Alberta to the west coast of British Columbia, threatening nature and livelihoods and aggravating climate change.

The courageous activists were willing to do whatever it took to prevent the project from going forward; a critical necessity in their eyes, if the earth was to be preserved for future generations. David Goldberg captures the intense conviction that was a central part of the Burnaby Mountain protest. The grit and tenacity of local activists is on full display as they face down the police on the traditional territory of the indigenous Coast Salish people.